Music Systems

Whole Home Music Systems
Whole Home Music Systems

While Video and HDTV may be getting the attention of the market these days,
"It's the Music that really moves people."
If one could shut off the music tracks to a movie one would understand the power of music and the human emotion.

It's the music that moves you!

Of all the electronic amenities you can choose for your home one of the most enjoyable is a whole house audio system. Pandora, Sirius/XM, Cable/Sat, CD, HD Radio, FM, IPOD, MP3, or just streaming music from your computer All these formats are able to be distributed from one centrally located system to be listened to from anywhere in the home that you might like to have music playing throughout your day.

Some of these systems are even able to be installed without wires

A centralized system eliminates the need for multiple audio systems cluttering your home as well as managing a growing library of music. At the touch of a button you can hear your favorite source of music, just as if you were standing in front of the family room stereo. Most of these systems allow for several people be listening to their own music simultaneously in separate rooms without interfering with anyone else listening or all rooms can be playing the same music
The convenience is great but a whole home system can help to make any occasion seem much more special. For example, during a casual get together with friends, the system could play a compilation of music to suit the company. When your guests leave, it could be switched over to your personal choices. Even chores like cooking and cleaning seem to be more enjoyable when accompanied by music.

Home Alone? Put on the music and sit back, relax and smile.
Invisible Speakers : The end of esthetic pollution
I have been asked on numerous occasions if there are good speakers that can be hidden and even asked by several, why can't they be in another room or closet, how silly!

People just don't want to see those boxes or even the grills in their beautiful rooms.
How Understandable!

While recessed speakers have evolved in terms of overall quality, they still have covers or grills. These covers or grills can be painted the color of the room or faux pained into the wall, but they still just don't go away.
Miraculously we found several companies that make "great speakers" that once installed; spackled and painted into the décor, they just disappear. The speaker diaphragm that makes the sound has the same texture as the wall, thus invisibility!

Just imagine your room, with brilliant sound, but without a speaker in sight!

Get it!        Got it!        Good!

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